Noah Food Waste Disposer

Noah Food Waste Disposer


Remove what you don’t need in your kitchen! The Noah Food Waste Disposer makes kitchen clean-up easier, faster and more hygienic.


5 Key Benefits of using the Noah Food Waste Disposer:


1. Enjoy more time with your family with easier, faster and more hygienic kitchen clean-up


2. Eliminate bad odor from food waste that attracts unwanted pests and rodents


3. Reduce volume of household garbage


4. Help prevent global warming by diverting food wastes from garbage truck, thereby lessening fuel use and truck emissions


5. Help eliminate the risk of food waste combining with metals that create toxic liquids seeping into ground water


Widely accepted in over 100 countries with scientific studies in US, Japan, Australia, Europe and other countries pointing to its many advantages.



Additional information


The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse is a breakthrough foot detoxification machine inspired from two Nobel Prize award-winning discoveries: the existence of water channels and ion channels in the human cell membrane.


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