All distributors start as sales consultants and upon hitting the required group sales from designated network legs, as well, as when their personal sales volume increase, they get promoted to group manager, associate director and division director. Upon reaching the division director’s rank, a distributor will be known as Division Assistant Vice President, Vice President, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President and Division President depending on the number of personal recruits they helped to become division directors like them.


  • Retail Profit (Basic Discount) – The income you earn per unit you sell.
  • Business Builders Income
    1. Gold Mine– Earnings from the net sales of your personal recruit provided you attain your minimum personal sales requirement for the month (at least 1 point).
    2. Group Performance Discount (GPD)– Your additional monthly earnings as group manager,associate director or division director provided you attain at least 1 point personal sales required for the month.
    3. Royalty Discount (RD)– Your monthly earnings as a division director with promote-out groups based on your promote-out group’s net sales volume (as the downlines are no longer counted as yours) provided you attain your minimum personal and group sales requirement for the month.
    4. One-time Bonus (OTB)– Cash bonus given to Division Assistant Vice President and higher when they promote other Division Directors.

To guarantee that all new recruits will grow and receive full support from their upline, we enforce the 90-day Satisfaction Warranty.  Waters Philippines is the only Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the country that has this offer.