We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Waters products (Bio Mineral Pot and Noah Ion Cell Cleanse) and business opportunity.

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FAQs about Bio Mineral Pot

What is the Waters Bio Mineral Pot?

The Waters Bio Mineral Pot is a home water purifier that converts tap water into purified, mineral and alkaline water.  More affordable than water from refilling stations/bottled water, it keeps you healthy while saving you money.  High-tech and high-class, it is for people who deserve the very best.

What is the pH of the water produced by the Waters Bio Mineral Pot?

The water produced by the Waters Bio Mineral Pot has a pH range between 7.3-8.5. This is the healthy pH range for drinking water.

What is the silver content of the Main Filter & Nano Silver Bio Ceramic Filter? Is Silver harmful to the human body?

The silver content of the Main Filter is 0.5% while the Nano Silver Bio Ceramic Filter is 1.05%.  This is within the safe levels mandated by the EPA Drinking Water Standards.

If bacteria is eliminated in the water, what happens to the bacteria? Do we drink them?

No because dead bacteria is no longer an active substance, it will not affect the human body.

How do you know water becomes hexagonal in Noah+?

Hexagonal water is made by magnetization, water temperature control, and minerals. And because Noah+ has very excellent capability on magnetization and mineralization, water from Noah+ is hexagonal water.  A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is used to test whether the water is hexagonal-shaped or not.

How does the Coral Sand create minerals in tap water?

The Coral Sand is composed of many different kinds of natural minerals. Water is mineralized when the ions in the water (oxygen and hydrogen ions) react with the Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals in the Coral Sand.

What happens if filters are not changed when lifespan is up?

If filters are not replaced once exhausted,* the efficacy of the Waters Bio Mineral Pot will decrease.  Chlorine-removal, contaminant-absorption and anti—bacterial functions will weaken.  If filters are not cleaned regularly*, the lifespan of filters will shorten significantly.
*Refer to the Product Installation Card for lifespan of filters and cleaning instructions

If water from the Waters Bio Mineral Pot is transferred to another container, will it retain its alkalinity?

Yes, depending on the type of container used.  It is much better to use a glass container or pitcher because it has less reaction with the water and will retain the alkalinity of water much longer than any other type of container.  In order for drinking water to be fresh and fine-tasting, it must be consumed within 48 hours or 2 days from the time of refill, as per the Department of Health (DOH).

Can the Waters Bio Mineral Pot be used to refill bottled water for selling to the public?

It is prohibited to use the Waters Bio Mineral Pot to refill bottles/gallons for selling to the public. The Waters Bio Mineral Pot is a home water purifier that converts tap water into purified, mineral and alkaline water.  It is for home and office use only and is different from water refilling stations.  Waters Philippines offers a much better business opportunity through its Direct Selling/Multi-level Marketing Plan.

What is the ORP of water from the Waters Bio Mineral Pot?

Experiments show that mineral water from Waters has an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) value of -70mV closest to the ORP value of water in a living cell which is -100mV.  This is because the Alkalite Diskette and the Nano Silver Bio Ceramic Filter emit considerable amounts of infrared rays which the water absorbs.

FAQs about Noah Ion Cell Cleanse

What is Noah Ion Cell Cleanse?

The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse is an elegant and modern detoxification device that combines modern science and electro-acupuncture mechanisms. It aims to remove toxins from your body in a simple 30-minute footbath.

Why should we choose Noah Ion Cell Cleanse?

This brand has many Safety Features not found in other units. It is affordable and, with its sleek and handy design, you can operate it anywhere you want. Other brands are too expensive and too bulky.

Does the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse machine cure anything?

No, the machine does not cure. It only helps in the body’s detoxification process, which makes the body’s organs function better. This organ improvement may lead to faster healing in some cases.Incidentally, those undergoing kidney dialysis treatments can use the machine to help their kidneys in the detoxification process.

What are the benefits of detoxification through Noah Ion Cell Cleanse?

Detoxification helps in maintaining good health and may prevent some illnesses. When body toxins are rapidly eliminated thru the kidneys, liver and digestive tract, then the immune system can concentrate in rebuilding broken tissues and defending the body from harmful micro-organisms.

Will I need special training to operate the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse machine?

Training is not needed. Instructions are clearly stated in the unit manual. Product demonstration video is also available in YouTube.

How long should my Noah Ion Cell Cleanse session be?

It takes about 20 minutes for the blood to complete one cycle around the body. Having an Ion Cell Cleanse for less time would not be harmful but would not be as beneficial either. Younger people take less time for one cycle, while older people need more. 30 minutes for adults and 15 minutes for children should be enough.

How hot must the water in the foot bath be?

A temperature of 33-40°C is optimum. Always test the water by dipping your hand in it for a few seconds to make sure that the temperature is tolerable. Warm water helps open the pores in the skin of the feet for easier absorption of the ions produced by the NICC array. It is also more comfortable than cold water. (Diabetics should take extra precautions to avoid burns. Numbness of their extremities due to poor blood circulation may prevent them from detecting high temperatures).

Do I need to put salt in the water of the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse foot bath?

Some salt may be added, but only if the water is not conductive enough (Electricity display (A) is below 1.8 Amperes). Do not add too much salt. If the machine detects too much conductivity (over 2.4A), it will automatically stop operating for your safety. It is recommended to START the machine first before adding salt to the water in order to know the exact salinity of the water you are using. Some areas have high water conductivity, so there is no need to add salt.
Important: Do not add salt to the water before starting the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse unit.

What do you feel during an Ion Cell Cleansing session?

Some patients do not feel anything, while some may feel a tingling sensation.

Can you detoxify through other parts of your body using the NICC unit?

Any part of your body can be used to detoxify. The hands and feet are the most common body parts used for detoxification. The high concentration of sweat glands at the soles of the feet, directly connected with many parts of the body, allow easy elimination of toxins.

Is it possible to be electrocuted because of the array in the water?

No, it is not possible. The Noah Ion Cell Cleanse machine monitors the electricity that passes through the array. If the amount of electricity exceeds safety levels, the machine automatically stops operation and an alarm sounds.

What is the use of the anti-static wrist strap?

When attached to the unit and to the wrist, the anti-static wrist strap forms a circuit with the body, the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse unit, and the array, thus promoting the circulation of ions throughout the body. In case of defective wrist straps, you will notice only few bubbles being produced by the array. This means there is an incomplete circuit and no body detoxification is happening even though the array is functioning properly.

Why does the water become discolored during an Ion Cell Cleanse session?

The water discolors as a result of the reaction between the toxins, particles in the water, minerals and salt added to the water. The color of the water will vary, subject to the condition of the person being treated, the strength of the treatment, and the quality of the water (which may vary from one geographic area to another).

What do different colors in the water, after an Ion Cell Cleansing, mean?

The color of the water can provide general data about toxic areas of the body, but this should not be taken as an accurate gauge since impurities in the water also affect the color change. It is more important to focus on how your body felt after a series of sessions. For more accurate information, please consult your doctor.

When I run the machine with only the array in the foot bath - even before I put my feet in - the water changes color. Why is this so?

Chemicals, minerals, chlorine, metal residues from poorly maintained pipes, the metal composition of the array, and the salt added to the water are some examples of what can affect the water’s color change. When one’s feet are soaked in the foot bath, though, the body’s own toxins outweigh the ones present in the water. This is evident in the fact that a thick substance forms in the water and sticks to the sides of the basin. This usually requires a detergent or a soap to be cleaned and removed.

Does the constant use of the Noah Ion Cell Cleanse machine have any negative side effects on the body?

No. Foot detoxification is widely used in wellness centers in the United States, as part of their healing and wellness programs for patients. After a therapy session, some patients feel refreshed and more energetic, while some may feel sleepy, tired and weak. Results may vary for each individual.

FAQs on Business Opportunity

Is this a full-time job?

No. As an independent distributor, you are your own boss (Please read: You are not an employee). You decide on what you want to achieve and how much time and how much effort you will pour into the business. You are free to choose to go part-time or full-time or work during weekends or evenings only.

What makes this business different from other traditional businesses?

With the Waters business, you have no fixed overheads for rent or logistics like computers or salaries of staff. Expenses for brochures, receipts and other sales tools (which are prepared by the company) are variable investments. With Waters, you have a personal sponsor to help you jumpstart the business plus management support to provide you with accounting assistance for computation for commissions or ERP support to encode and track family tree reports, among others.

Is this the same as pyramiding?

No. We are a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and we offer four safeguards to ensure the legitimacy of our multi- level marketing operations:

  • Low entry barrier : no expensive registration fee
  • Low exit barrier : with buy-back policy for unsold units (conditions apply)
  • Regular retail requirement at fair market value : no overpriced products
  • At least 70% of inventory must be sold before re-order : no stock loading
Is this the same as water refilling stations?

No. With refilling stations, you still have to buy and stock-up on 5-gallon bulk bottles and dispensers. With the Waters Bio Mineral Pot, you can purify your ordinary tap water through a series of filters and you get purified, mineral and alkaline delicious-tasting drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water whenever and wherever you want it. No need to wait for bottled water delivery, no more back-breaking lifting of big bottles, no more need for extra storage space to store bulk bottles. And with the Waters Bio Mineral Pot, you own your own unit!

How do I start?

Simply attend our free Business Opportunity Seminar and register with us if you wish to become an independent distributor. (Contact 0917-8-WATERS [928377] for latest seminar schedule).When you become a registered distributor, your sponsor (or company-assigned upline) will help you through the ins and outs of the business through what we call a “Buddy System”. Your sponsor-upline will train you how to retail the product and sponsor others into the business.

How much is the seminar fee?

The seminar is FREE. Should you decide to become a distributor, a minimal fee of P399 is required for the business starter kit which includes colored brochures, business and product manuals, price list, registration forms, distributor/customer order forms, unlimited attendance to selected Waters training, plus other items you need to start your Waters business.

Is it easy to sell? Is it easy to recruit?

The Waters Bio Mineral Pot (BMP) is the market leader of home water purifier in the Philippines. It has unbeatable features and excellent product quality satisfying a basic need of every family or office, which is purified, mineral and alkaline delicious-tasting drinking water. More and more Filipinos are joining Waters as they have seen for themselves the exceptional product value of the Waters Bio Mineral Pot plus the many benefits it brings. Our many successful distributors have also served as inspiration as they have proven that indeed, you can have financial independence and personal freedom with Waters.

Can anyone succeed?

Our top earners include a doctor, a sales lady, a rice dealer, a former bankrupt businesswoman and many other long-time employees who left their traditional jobs for a far more rewarding career in Waters. Anyone who is serious can make it, even school dropouts so long as the distributor is willing to invest quality time, effort and leadership

When and where is the free Business Seminar?

Seminar is scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1pm at our offices in Quezon City, Alabang and Tarlac.