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FAQs about Waters Business Opportunity

Waters Philippines is committed to “Build Dreams & Change Lives”.  It provides a small capital, no franchise fee business – an opportunity equalizer that empowers people from all walks of life to achieve financial independence and time freedom.  Throughout the years, thousands of people have been transformed to extraordinary individuals through the Waters business opportunity.

Is this a full-time job?

No. As an independent distributor, you are your own boss (Please read: You are not an employee). You decide on what you want to achieve and how much time and how much effort you will pour into the business. You are free to choose to go part-time or full-time or work during weekends or evenings only.

What makes this business different from other traditional businesses?

With the Waters business, you have no fixed overheads for rent or logistics like computers or salaries of staff. Expenses for brochures, receipts and other sales tools (which are prepared by the company) are variable investments. With Waters, you have a personal sponsor to help you jumpstart the business plus management support to provide you with accounting assistance for computation for commissions or EDP support to encode and track family tree reports, among others.

Is this the same as pyramiding?

No. We are a proud member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and we offer four safeguards to ensure the legitimacy of our multi- level marketing operations:

  • Low entry barrier : no expensive registration fee
  • Low exit barrier : with buy-back policy for unsold units (conditions apply)
  • Regular retail requirement at fair market value : no overpriced products
  • At least 70% of inventory must be sold before re-order : no stock loading

Is this the same as water refilling stations?

No. With refilling stations, you still have to buy and stock-up on 5-gallon bulk bottles and dispensers. With the Waters Bio Mineral Pot, you can purify your ordinary tap water through a series of filters and you get purified, mineral and alkaline delicious-tasting drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water whenever and wherever you want it. No need to wait for bottled water delivery, no more back-breaking lifting of big bottles, no more need for extra storage space to store bulk bottles. And with the Waters Bio Mineral Pot, you own your own unit!

How do I start?

Simply attend our free Business Opportunity Seminar and register with us if you wish to become an independent distributor. (Contact 0917-8-WATERS [928377] for latest seminar schedule).  When you become a registered distributor, your sponsor (or company-assigned upline) will help you through the ins and outs of the business through what we call a “Buddy System”. Your sponsor-upline will train you how to retail the product and sponsor others into the business.

How much is the seminar fee?

The seminar is FREE. Should you decide to become a distributor, a minimal fee of P399 is required for the business starter kit which includes colored brochures, business and product manuals, price list, registration forms, distributor/customer order forms, unlimited attendance to selected Waters training, plus other items you need to start your Waters business.

Is it easy to sell? Is it easy to recruit?

The Waters Bio Mineral Pot (BMP) is the market leader of home water purifier in the Philippines. It has unbeatable features and excellent product quality satisfying a basic need of every family or office, which is purified, mineral and alkaline delicious-tasting drinking water. More and more Filipinos are joining Waters as they have seen for themselves the exceptional product value of the Waters Bio Mineral Pot plus the many benefits it brings. Our many successful distributors have also served as inspiration as they have proven that indeed, you can have financial independence and personal freedom with Waters.

Can anyone succeed?

Our top earners include a doctor, a sales lady, a rice dealer, a former bankrupt businesswoman and many other long-time employees who left their traditional jobs for a far more rewarding career in Waters. Anyone who is serious can make it, even school dropouts so long as the distributor is willing to invest quality time, effort and leadership

When and where is the free Business Seminar?

Seminar is scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 1pm at our offices in Quezon City, Alabang and Tarlac.  Click here for addresses and contact information.

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