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Waters Hot and Cold Manual Dispenser


The Waters Bio Mineral Pot Hot & Cold Manual Dispenser is a state-of-the-art water purifier that converts ordinary tap water into clean, safe and fine-tasting drinking water.  Great for home and office use.





Model BMP 1200S Hot & Cool
Reservoir Capacity 10.5 Liters
Pot Capacity 6 Liters
Purifying Capacity 13,140 Liters
Height 1,490 mm
Diameter 340 mm
Weight 30.5 kgs
Voltage AC 220v
Frequency 60 hz
Electricity Motor 105w
Heater 500w
Temperature: Cold 4 0C – 8 0C
Temperature: Hot 80 0C – 93 0C
Sediments Yes!
Chlorine Yes!
Chemicals Yes!
Heavy Metals Yes!
Bacteria:thru Somelite Yes!
Hot & Cold Yes!



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