Waters Philippines | 12 Reasons Why You Should Join Waters

Waters Philippines has been the market leader of home water purifiers in the Philippines since 1996. We are the only water purifier company that grew by a double-digit volume during the 1997 to 1998 Asia currency crisis in the Philippines. Thus, its track record and reputation are already established. Ownership of home water purifiers is still low relative to other appliances and yet confidence level of consumers in the safety of the tap water is deteriorating.

Bottled water is much more expensive:

  • About P18 per liter in the supermarket
  • About P2.61 per liter from the water refill stations and
  • About P6.50 per liter from 5-gallon bulk alkaline water suppliers

Compared to only P1.57 per liter from most models of the Waters Bio Mineral Pot , that is great savings!

  • Additional savings from LPG/electricity consumption because there will be no more need for boiling
  • Demand for water purifiers is fast increasing
  • Earnings of our distributors per unit sold is much bigger than promoting low-cost products. Great for part-timers without much discretionary time
  • Installment plan back up for expanded customer base
  • Professional and continuous training and management support

Waters Philippines also teams up with Noah Ion Cell Cleanse, to promote healthy living with its philosophy of Drink Better, Live Better. This power-packed wellness combination gives you a fantastic business that is surely sustainable for a lifetime!


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